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    Narrator Kirt Graves packed a walloping punch delivering the fourth and final installment of the Green Creek series. Pack, pack pack! His usual calm and lower neutral baritone was challenged by hours of dialogues with little to no action. Although he has the capacity to switch from male to female and any age group effortlessly, the constant talking and time-wasting had me pulling my hair out. This was an extremely challenging book to narrate as the author has written it to almost sound like a play.

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    Boy Shattered

    Narrator Tristan Josiah rolled it up and drop kicked this beautiful delivery for extra points, right over the high beam. With his knack for poetic storytelling, he enhanced the message of the poems written by Brian. Listeners can expect to be thrown into an emotional tumble-dryer, ending up all wrung out and mangled clueless about the existential crises of a school shooting and the treatment of PTSD.

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    One Time Only

    Narrators Jacob Morgan and Teddy Hamilton delivered a brain grinding irritating performance. I should say this is not my cup of tea and move on, but suppressing the maddening rebellion inside me is just flaming the impulsion to stand up against the masses who blow smoke up the asses of this team of cookie-cutter champions...

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    Heroes for Ghosts

    Narrator Greg Boudreaux hit another random luckshot hole-in-one! His amazing opening credits with the deep emotional evocation of Flanders Fields set the perfect haunting tone for a beautiful Time Travel MM romance. That extra drop of emotion he squeezed out and those additional conscious pauses he took, contributed to a much more pleasant listening experience. Breaking up those long sentences, not only help prevent his own suffocation but will keep listeners appreciating the deep emotions of trepidation and nervousness.

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    Enemy Within: Executive Office Series, Book 3

    Narrator John Solo scooped it up and ice lollied the shit out of this performance. Listeners will lick every drop of nervous tension, suckle on the cold anticipation, and nibble on the endless torturous outmaneuvering of mad-psyco Madigan. This talented narrator has the ability to carry a listener away and into the story, submersing listeners fully into the ice-sculpted world; Tal Bayer created.

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    On My Knees Duet; Worship & Adore

    Dual Narrators Charlie Thurston and Aiden Snow gave an extraordinarily good performance, delivering the Best Audiobook of the year. Their voices fit the characters perfectly. Listeners will be pleasantly surprised by the amount of emotional investment into the unexpected, but the most beautiful tension and drama.

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    A Boy Made of Sunshine

    Narrator Dan Calley flipped his usual dark and somber performances for something bright and sparkly. He dug that old foundation out and shoveled in new buckets of hot sunshiny fun. His older daddy voice opposed to the dashing upbeat sassy voice was as much quirky as sexy. Dan pulled it off so easily. He was able to reach inside and pull the deeper emotions to the foreground, gifting us with an experience the characters POV on a much deeper level.

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    Calaf and Ishmael

    Narrator Kirt Graves knocked me over with a four-leaf clover. He delivered an epic tale of faith, hope, love, and yes, bad fucking luck. Listeners will be impressed by his calm demeanor and weird-ass stirring of drama and tension. Honestly, I don't know how he does it, but he pulls it off successfully each time I press play. This narrator has a style of his own, nobody should attempt to copy him, because they will just end up sounding boring and bland while irritating the crap out of an audience. His deliveries are solid and I kind of have a certain expectation now. Especially, after being impressed more than I can count on two hands. The cadence of his voice is almost tranquil in nature, creating ease inside my bones.…

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    Enemy of My Enemy Executive Office, Book 2

    Narrator John Solo gifted us with another supreme performance. His kickass delivery of the second installment of the exceptional political action romance by Tal Bauer will solidify his position as one of the best narrators out there. This author/narrator pairing magically catalyzed the best action MM romance series of the year.

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    Sanctum: Books 1 – 3

    Narrator Nicole Renés' sweet and sultry delivery will most certainly guarantee listeners ending up smiling from ear to ear. This sensual and most enjoyable erotic audiobook consists of three short stories that will heat listeners to the point of hyperthermia, melting brains, and other vital organs. Presumably, this is all voluntary. Sick horny fuckers we are, *evil laugh hahaha*

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    Narrator Dan Calley meticulously and beautifully delivered an unexpected highly controversial subject in this audiobook. Listeners will feel like their hearts were removed, shred into a million pieces, and carefully wind into a new ball of hope and life. Yes, Dan has the politeness to put it back, leaving gaping cavities closed and messy listeners fucked up in the head.

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    The Hate You Drink

    Narrator Antony Ferguson gave a stunning performance focussing on the meaningful message of addiction and recovery. He skillfully extracted each emotion and laid it down for us to hear the message. He gave each character a voice that fit their personalities. They were easily distinguishable and easy to follow.

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    Bonds of Brass

    Narrator James Fouhey lured me in, won me over, seduced me with his young talented voice. His sexy sophisticated high-born accent, then voice he gave Gal is beautiful. I am truly mush for this "new to me" narrator. I must admit I did a little stalking to find out who this young man is. He has perfect breathing and the cadence of his voice is very easy to get lost in and enjoy the audiobook.

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    Blue Moon II: This Is Reality

    Narrator Tim Paige went and done it again! He delivered one hell of steamy, alpha dude action romance perfectly. It is of strategic importance to bring your block of ice to sit on and anti-fog goggles because you are about to fly like a Spitfire.

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    My Whole World

    Dual Narrators Philip Alces and John Solo magically energized and invigorated the first book of the new series Joker's sin. Their perfect deliveries, due to their work experiences and just the bloody awesomeness of their voices, contributed to a very enjoyable audiobook.

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    The Fall of Martin Orchard

    Author-Narrators Martin Lundqvist and Elaine Hidayat tried their very best to create an audiobook to enjoy, but lacked all the qualities to call it that. I would have to make a list to proof my point.

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    Portents Part 1, 2, 3

    Narrator Allen Jeffries gave us an extraordinarily crispy fresh and deliciously good paranormal shifter sci-fi series. This is the stuff! Totally renewed my hope and outlook on shifter romances. All hail the author for changing my mind, thinking I heard it all. Nope, there it is!

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    Zero Hour, 3 Book series

    Narrator Tristan James rolled out and mixed this dough everything but lightly. Dear lord, once I found that sweet spot at 1.5 speed I rode it all the way out. I'm almost 100% sure he loved this series as much as I did. The level of his keen enthusiasm was palpable. It multiplied the drama and tension so much more, especially the monologuing. Fuck me, George, it was so well done, I actually found it extremely funny and entertaining. The psychobabble by the crazy wacko characters was on par with their criminal personalities. Yes, he has a beautiful voice and yes he knows how to wield it. I loved his southern drawls, the male and female version.

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    Mr. Pink

    Author Patrick Hjertén succeeded to blow minds, in the worst possible way by hiding the introduction or exposition to the plot somewhere along the first 200 pages and finally revealing the climax and resolution to it all in the last chapter. The treacherous unemotional repetition of the words "Mr. Pink" filled paragraph after paragraph causing some readers to give up and not continue the self-mutilation.

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    Getting to know Sera Trevor

    Thanks so much for hosting me! I’m thrilled to be here. My contemporary novel Settle Down has just come out in audio, narrated by Michael T Bradley. It’s a sequel to my book The Troll Whisperer, also out in audio. As a special promotion for the audio release of Settle Down.

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    Boystown: Nick Nowak Mysteries

    Narrator Brad Langer dryly delivered the Nick Nowak Mysteries series. His emotionless monotonous narration is as old skool as the plot itself, which for some reason drew me deeper into the life of the most sexually active private investigator; Nick Nowak.

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    Somebody to Love

    Dual Narrators J.F. Harding and Jack DuPont slayed an overwhelming performance with excellent narration. They succeeded particularly at impressive handovers, preventing awkward differences in speed, pitch, and cadences. Their cutthroat delivery complimented not only each other but also the writing style of the author. I hope to hear more from this trio.

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    Audiobook Promotion

    If your Audiobook samples aren’t speaking the language of your audience. The bottom line is all the boring reviews, blurbs or summaries are simply a sequential compilation of your audiobook - it’s not correlating with the brilliant mastery of your work

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    Lost in the Echo

    Narrator Dan Calley managed to give rise to excessively high levels of uneasiness and apprehension. The deep rumble in his voice did not lower or stabilize any neurohormones. In fact, this reading just messed me up some more. This is another Jack L. Pyke thriller, so in hindsight, he did his job much too well.

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    Dual Narrators Christian Fox and Aiden Snow dragged this one out of the pit of lazy writing into the HEA. Why was this series chopped up into 3 separate books? That's totally rhetorical because if I start to spew possible reasons, I might find myself in a fucking lawsuit.

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    Where Foxes Hunt with Wolves

    Narrator Wyatt Baker delivered a beautiful, softer or more tender than usual performance. He managed to wean the darker emotions and then feed us a touching, empathetic experience. Listeners will be feeling all kinds of emotions, while they get to be carried away to the small weird-ass Polish village of Dybukowo.

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    Too Good to Be True

    Narrator Tim Paige's felicitous delivery was as much sensual as action-packed. His perfect execution or accomplishment lies in the ease of weaving together several plotlines filled to the brim with stunning hot men. He managed to hold my attention and weaken my knees with his beautiful voice. Listeners will be hooked from the start as the sexy cadence of his voice fit the genre and various characters, making it easy to differentiate between them. I volunteer to grab and cuff Tim to the M/M Fiction side.

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    Narrators Tim Paige and Liam DiCosimo are on a roll. Their delivery of book two of the Four Bears Construction was again very enjoyable. They continue to compliment each other by highlighting the personalities of each character. Their lighthearted performance and pleasing cadences created a wonderful gay romantic comedy.

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    Getting to know Silvia Violet

    Silvia Violet writes fun, sexy stories that will leave you smiling and satisfied. She has a thing for characters who are in need of comfort and enjoys helping them surrender to love even when they doubt it exists. Silvia's stories include sizzling contemporaries and paranormals.

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    Getting to know: T. M. Smith

    Welcome, we are so honored to have you over. The boys are out shopping for new toys, so it's just us today. Let me say, I just finished Survivor, audiobook 1 in your survivor series. You definitely have a knack for writing dark and twisty psycho content. I loved it! We slurp up the dark stuff, the sicker the better I say and we surely need more of that in this genre.

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    Narrator Nick J. Russo successfully bailed this audiobook out to deliver a semi-solid May/December suspenseful romance. Due to careful attentiveness, and his smooth effortless narration he managed to safely pass forwards underneath the limbo pole.

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    Devil (A Dark Mafia Romance)

    Narrator Michael Dean brought to us one of the hottest deliveries of 2020. Hallelujah,,, give me an amen! I got the third-degree burn wounds in my ear canals to prove it. This was magic! Absolutely no room for improvement. Michael poured himself into each word, each emotion, and into each smoldering sex scene.

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    Cabrini Law Series

    Narrator Kirt Graves astonished me speechless with this surprisingly awesome series. He rose up and sprang to the helm leaving me dumbfounded with his lively pacing and vivid characterizations in this fast passed and high angst gripping series on age-gaps, race, privilege, and money.